Welcome to Carpathian Trails in Romania

Maybe you don’t know many things about our country (or maybe you do!), but we are here to show you what’s the best in it: from history, culture, traditions, local cuisine, to nature, our beloved mountains with all their stories and elements (rivers, peaks, valleys, canyons), and last but not least, our beautiful roads that serpent through Carpathians.

So if you are that kind of person that loves culture, castles, citadels, old churches and traditions – you are in just the right place! Our specialized accredited guides will give their best for you to feel great and in the same time, learn and experience new things!
If you are a nature lover and want to see canyons, caves, mountains – you are again in the right place, because the “other half” of our team is an adventure-sports company, so we will do everything for you to have a great time here!
And last but not least… if you are a adventure biker, you love to try those hard, off-road muddy places and get dirty on you and your adventure motorcycle from top to… tire :D, you just got to the only guides who know all the off-road trails that go through our beautiful Carpathians from end to end! You can finally use your motorcycle for what has it been made: Real Adventure-Big bikes on heavy trails!

Romania has amazing places to discover at all times!