Adventure tours

Romania is a big European country and 60% of it is covered in mountains and hills. Carpathians are not very tall (maximum altitude – 2544 m), but their medium altitude offered the opportunity to the people to built small dirt roads or tarmac roads to connect the isolated villages, the country regions. They also made some roads for wood exploitation, sheepfold trails and old military roads with tranches, because the eastern part of Carpathians was the front line on many wars, including the World War I and II. Most of these roads are not traced on physical maps, GPS maps and because they are in the mountain area, they cannot be seen on Google Earth either. We have managed to cover on our riding trips and scouting more than 10.000 km on off-road and we keep on going… with our big bikes.

So yes, Romania is kind of a “Mecca” for the off-road bikers. You only have to travel 2-3 hours by plane from any point in Europe. There is plenty of playground for those who have dual purpose bikes with off-road capabilities. We have traveled in all European countries several times and we know how strict is the legislation regarding traveling by motorcycle in the mountain area. We also know very well that all the roads in Central and Western Europe are covered in asphalt. Well, Romania is still not a champion of good asphalt roads (unfortunately for car drivers and fortunately for us), so we can take advantage of this and use our big bikes for their true purpose – Real Adventure!

The routes that we prepared for you cover a large land variety: muddy roads, tarmac and grass trails, rocky roads etc. Some parts of them will be technical, some will be fast and some will be hard – here we’ll be working a lot to pass the motorcycles to the other side of the obstacle. Some roads will be on mountain ridges and other on the river valleys… Basically we will ride the mountains ridges and we will reach many peaks.

Note: Even if these tours are dedicated to the off-roaders, we will also visit the touristic interest points that are nearby.

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We will answer here to some of your possible questions:

  1. What kind of motorcycles are suitable for these trails?

All adventure bikes: All GS class from BMW (650, 700, 800, 1100, 1150 and 1200 cc); all KTM dual purpose bikes; Honda: Africa Twin 1000 CRF, 750, 650 and Dominator, Transalp; Suzuki: All DR; Yamaha: XT, Tenere, Super Tenere 750 and Super Tenere 1200; Kawasaki: KLR 650; Triumph: Tiger class.

  1. Cand we rent motorcycles?

Yes, they will be fully equiped with crash bars, hand guards, engine shield, side cases, Anakee Wild Tires

  1. What experience do I need to participate to a off-road tour?

Experience is not that important, all that matters is to wish to do this, to enjoy this kind of trips and to have some adventure spirit in your heart. If you have never been off-road, our team will help you and give you important advice and tips, will indicate and help you correct your mistakes. We will tell you what you need to improve in order to become a better off-roader. You can take this as a  intensive off-road training course.

If you are a medium or experienced rider… you will have the time of your life on our mountains!

  1. Can a passenger participate?

Yes, you can bring a passenger with you, but we do not recommend. From our experience, a passenger doesn’t resist more than 2-3 consecutive days on off-road. But there is also the alternative of him/her coming for 2-3 days and the others he/she will travel by our assistance car, on asphalt roads.

  1. Can I come with an enduro/ cross motorcycle?

Yes, you are welcome to do this. If you are a beginner it’s very good and if you are medium or advanced rider you will  do the route a lot easier than the others who have big bikes.

Absolutely needed and obligatory:

–          Serious off-road tires – TKC 80, Mitas C 02, Mitas E – 09, Michelin T 63, Metzeler Karoo 2 etc. We use the most aggressive ones – Mitas C – 02. DO NOT COME with Metzeler Sahara 3, Heidenau Scout K 63 or other similar models. They will not do the job.

–          Crash bars, hand guards, engine guard

Note: If you come by your own motorcycle from your home country, use street tires and we will order for you in Romania, at your demand, a set of off-road tires. We will change them before the tour starts.