Customize your tour

Custom your tour

Because we want to greet you with the best offer, we created the alternative to customize tours for each group. Many of you are culture and traditions lovers, some of you may prefer the nature with all its beauties, some of you are passionate with easy off-road or hard off-road with big bikes.
Romania is a big European country full of history, traditions and has a huge area covered in mountains and hills (about 60%). That’s why the roads serpent through mountains with many passes, scattered villages, tarmac roads, off-road trails and long distances covered in an usual day can be truly challenging.

There are 4 ways to get to Romania:
– On your own motorcycle
– You come by plane, rent a bike from us and go back home by plane
– You come by plane and use our offer – BRING YOUR OWN BIKE
– You come by plane, we bring your bike and you can ride it back to your home country or you can drive to Romania, do the tour and then we bring your motorcycle back to your home.
Information we need to give you the best holiday:

  1. How many days are you willing to spend in Romania?
  2. How many persons are you (including passengers)?
  3. How many km do you like to drive daily? 100-200 km/day, 200-300 km/day or maybe more?
  4. How many day breaks do you need?
  5. Do you have certain areas, places that you would particularly like to visit and you want us to include in your tour?
  6. Do you want an “all-inclusive” offer? Usually we offer only B&B, but at your demand we can easily arrange an all-inclusive offer.
  7. How do you get to Romania? On your own bike? Do you rent a bike from us? Do you choose our special offer “Bring your own bike”?
  8. Do you want us to include in your tour some easy off-road trails? How many?
  9. When would you like to schedule your holiday in Romania?

Please contact us and you will receive a full offer in 24 hours – Contact
Note: Easy off-road – a tarmac or dirt road which can be easily done by a dual purpose motorcycle with street tires.
Romanian International airports: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Iași, Suceava, Târgu-Mureș.